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This is my personal website.


I’ve used a camera continually since my early teens – I’ve developed and printed my own black and white slides, prints and colour film – and I’ve watched (and used) cameras as they’ve evolved to help the picture-making process. I’ve used digital cameras pretty much exclusively since 2001 – through many iterations and improvements.

These days I mainly use pro-level Canon kit – 5DMkIII and L-series lenses – together with semi-pro Panasonic kit (GH4 and top-end lenses) for my travels.

I tend to specialise (if that’s the right word) in the following:

  • Events – I’ve covered a range of events from conferences to weddings and presentations
  • Trains and planes – in both cases aiming to capture these as landscape features
  • Sport – I’ve photographed most sports, from badminton and rugby through to cricket, volleyball and football, and darts or cribbage.


Some of the events I’ve covered:

Find my work

  • My personal photos are on Flickr
  • Older photos were on Picasa
  • I occasionally stick videos on YouTube